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China H-6M carrying two AKD20 missiles

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

AKD20 is the first generation of modern long range ALCM in the same class of American AGM-86 and Russian Kh-55, designed to attack a variety of fixed, high-value targets, reported

Its configuration features a cylindrical body with two retractable wings, four foldable tailfins as well as a concealed belly engine inlet. However the missile appears to lack any significant stealth features.

Based on CJ-10/DH-10 land-based cruise missile which in turn adopted some Kh-55 technology, KD-20 ALCM entered the service with PLAAF in the late 2000s (initially called YJ-100), along with the dedicated H-6M missile carrier (up to 2) converted from earlier H-6Fs. Powered by a fuel-efficient turbofan engine, AKD20 can achieve a range between 1,500 and 2,500km, depending on the payload it carries. As a strategic weapon, it is capable of carrying both nuclear and conventional warhead.




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