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Chinese advanced Type-96 main battle tanks arrive in Russia

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The advanced Type-96 main battle tanks of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army have arrived in Russia to participate in Army Games, said press service of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in a statement on 17 July.

According to the statement, the military echelon with the Chinese military vehicles, including Type-96 main battle tanks arrived in Alabino near Moscow to participate in Tank Biathlon of the International Army Games-2018.

There are a part of the echelon platform with four tanks Type 96, special repair and maintenance hardware, wagons with material and technical means and regular ammunition

The same echelon arrives advanced group of mechanics-drivers of tanks, engineers and technical workers of the team of Chinese People’s Liberation Army, taking part in the Tank biathlon.

All participants from 23 countries will be placed on the territory of the Taman division, where they are prepared for comfortable accommodation, dining and other cultural and household facilities.

Tank Biathlon will be held from July 28 to August 11 at the Alabino range.

Also, China’s air force will send strategic bombers, fighter jets and transport aircraft to take part in war games in Russia.

Among the Chinese military aircraft at the International Army Games on July 28 will be H-6K bombers and Y-9 transport aircraft.

It is the first time the strategic bombers and Y-9 transport aircraft, which has a range of around 7,800km, will participate in overseas war games.

A PLA airforce Y-9 transport aircraft

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