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Chinese engineers cloned the Russian DT-10 Vityaz articulating tracked vehicles ?

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Chinese engineers from Harbin First Machinery Building Group Ltd cloned the Russian  DT-10 Vityaz  articulating tracked vehicles ?

Chinese company Harbin First Machinery Building Group Ltd unveils the its new HYJ-QSL30  two-section carrier. It resembles the Russian DT-10 Vityaz (knight) all-terrain tracked carrier was designed to carry heavy loads over all off-road terrain, including swamps, sand and snow.

The DT-10 Vityaz  is an articulating tracked vehicle (ATV) designed to transport heavy loads in extremely difficult off-road conditions such as swamps, sand and snow. In addition to armed forces, the vehicle is also used for civilian applications and manufactured by Russian  Joint-stock company «Machine-building Company «Vityaz».

HYJ-QSL30  two-section carrier
HYJ-QSL30 two-section carrier
DT-10P  off road transporters-jointed tracked vehicle
DT-10P off road transporters-jointed tracked vehicle

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