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Chinese YLGA0 Armoured personnel carrier for riot control

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The vehicle is made by Polytech and is called the YLGA01. It has four wheels on each side and includes some nice features on the inside that will make long missions more comfortable, the vehicle has air conditioning and a water cooler. It looks like that water cooler may have hot water too making it perfect for cooking up noodles.

The vehicle is aimed at police use and has carpeting inside and the seats even appear to be comfortable. If the people are supposed to stay inside for long periods it seems they would need a place to sleep and a bathroom. Maybe they are supposed to use bottles for bathrooms.

Weapon System :
Car gun weapon system onboard optional 5.8mm machine guns, 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine guns onboard vehicle machine guns, 35mm grenade launchers. Car weapons also optional other non-lethal weapons to disperse, as 38mm9 tube riot tear gas launchers, distance 40m ~ 150m, optional 2; 64mm6 tube disperse launchers, from the 100m ~ 300m, optional 1 a.

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