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Croatian grenade launcher attracts increasing Middle Eastern interest

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

With the growing interest in special equipment and arms for the military, law enforcement in the Middle East markets, Croatian company M Adler D Ltd. offers its range of latest products.

Croatian company successfully promoting the 40 mm RBG-6 lightweight, semi-automatic grenade launcher for military, security, law enforcement and special forces customers in the Middle East region. It fires the widely used 40 mm, low velocity family of grenades. The RBG-6 is equipped with a three-position folding stock.

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The RBG-6 is designed to be simple, rugged, and reliable. It uses the well-proven revolver principle to achieve a high rate of accurate fire which can be rapidly brought to bear on a target. A variety of rounds such as HE, HEAT, anti-riot baton, pyrotechnic or irritant can be fired at a rate of one per second. The RBG-6 also fires Mod94 40 mm low velocity grenades to a maximum effective range of 375m

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According to the company, all vital parts are hard chromed 60 HRC. Resistant and protected agains all sort of weather conditions (for example: six months of salt fog).

The RBG-6 measures 777 mm (566 mm – butt folded) in length and weighs around 5.4 – 5.5 kg.

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