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DefExpo 2018: Kalyani Group developed new Bharat ULH howitzer

Posted by Colton Jones on

Kalyani Group revealed at the DefExpo 2018 exhibition a newest 155 mm Bharat ULH lightweight towed howitzer.

The Bharat ULH is a towed 155 mm piece, developed for service with the Indian Armed Forces. The Bharat ULH 155mm/39 call is a towed gun, providing a highly maneuverable field artillery solution. It has been designed for accuracy, stability and reliability during moving and firing maneuvers, and is based on the requirements of the Indian Army.

Ultra-light weight gun system can travel on road or cross-country terrain at speed up 60 km/hr or 24 rm/hr respectively in towed condition.

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The new artillery system is capable of firing 24.7 km range and with assisted ammunition 30km. Extremely easy to deploy, it takes a team of six crew members to deploy the system within one minute during day time and 1.5 minutes during night time.

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The system can fire NATO standard 155 mm rounds at a firing rate of up to 70 rounds a 60 minute.

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