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Delta flight mistakenly lands at air force base in South Dakota

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

A Delta flight mistakenly landed at an air force base in South Dakota — instead of the intended airport about 10 miles way

Delta Flight 2845 left Minneapolis for South Dakota on Thursday evening with 130 people aboard.

The Airbus A320 was scheduled to touch down at Rapid City Regional Airport, but landed instead at Ellsworth Air Force Base, Delta said in a statement.

The airport and the air force base are just a few miles apart, and their runways point in nearly the same direction.

A few hours later, after coordinating with officials, the flight took off for Rapid City the same night.

“The crew has been taken off-duty while an investigation commences by the National Transportation Safety Board,” the airline said.

“Delta will fully cooperate with that investigation and has already begun an internal review of its own.”

The airline said it has “offered a gesture of apology for the inconvenience” to customers affected, but did not provide specifics.

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