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East Timor Selects Weststar Cargo Military Vehicles

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Weststar group subsidiary, Global Komited, will supply ten Weststar General Service (GS) cargo military vehicles to the East Timor defence force under a new contract signed on 10 June. The vehicles are being acquired as part of the East Timor defence force’s plans to expand its military vehicle fleet.

The vehicles will be delivered within the coming four months. According to the company, a further 40 vehicles are ‘in the pipeline’ to be delivered later in 2014, with the total worth of the contract estimated at approximately RM11 million (£2 million).

The 4×4 light utility Weststar GS Cargo military vehicle is designed for a range of security and defense roles. The 750kg vehicle is available in various configurations that include hard and soft tops as well as manual and automatic transmissions, and can carry up to ten soldiers with full gear and cargo.

The air-transportable vehicle has been designed to operate efficiently on road and cross-country operations, with robust operational flexibility and advanced mobility and maneuverability capabilities.

Dato’ Nik Hamdan, senior vice president, Weststar Group, said: ‘This particular deal inked with the Timor Leste government outlines our conviction stemming from the confidence the group as a whole exudes about growing our market share in each of the sector we have vested interests in.

‘We strongly believe, with the strong partnerships that we have forged with our synergistic knowledge and technical partners, we will be able to break more grounds and penetrate more new markets beyond local shores.’


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