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Georgia Delivers 12 Didgori-II armored vehicles in Congo

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Georgia Delivers 12 Didgori-II armored vehicles in Congo. The Didgori-II is an armored reconnaissance and special operations vehicle.

It was developed in 2009 alongside the Didgori-1 using the same internal features with some additional functions. The scout vehicle is thought to provide transport, visibility and firepower support for special units during suveilance missions but can also be used as convoy protection.

In the Congo, put 10 Didgori-II Armored Vehicles and 2 Medical Evacuation Armored Vehicle based on Didgori-II. Didgori-II developed by Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing with a Centre of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia “SIP Delta”.

This will be the first export of Didgori-II armored vehicles.

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