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Hellenic Navy develops new speedboat OKYALOS for Uncovencional Warfare

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Week full of optimistic news for the Navy, and after the highly successful dive to a maximum depth tests performed submarine PIPINOS and outstanding results so far in testing submersion performed by the submarine OKEANOS came even to add important news.

According to data released by the Navy and first published in Parapolitika, the last six months is developed more intensively tested the first Boat for Uncovenional Warfare (SSP) designed by the Navy for the needs of Underwater Demolition Command (OYK), within the program “OKYALOS”. This program involves the construction of a prototype speedboat, the design and construction of which has been coordinated by the Navy, from Greek companies and materials manufactured in Greece. This original boat, consisting entirely of aluminum with a total length not exceeding 14 meters, is developing rapidly, has great autonomy and can be operated under adverse weather conditions. It has a four man crew, carries an element “frogman” and full combat equipment, while worthy of mention is the robotic mounting system, movement, direction, remote by a Greek company for firing machine gun and 0.50 Browning type or grenade launcher of 40 mm.

The tests are being carried out successfully. After successful completion of the tests of “OKYALOS” in operational conditions (after the responsible decision makers engage in evaluation and possible corrective recommendations) will start the production process in order to gradually replace the existing, old SSP. Moreover, for reasons of facsimiles and economy instead of the usual practice of hitherto separate selection from each Branch, this vessel is expected to cover the needs of the Amphibious Commando Squads of the Army.


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