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In Romania, Presented the Project of New Advanced Trainer Aircraft IAR-99 TD

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

In Romania, presented the project of new advanced trainer aircraft IAR-99 TD (Technology Demonstrator). The first prototype of IAR-99 TD is expected to be ready for testing in 2016, reported

IAR-99 TD is a key-stage in the long-term strategy ol developing a next generation trainer aircraft. The technology demonstrator is based on IAR-99 Soim aircraft (aircraft no.7003) modified by the aircraft manufacturer Avioane Craiova SA and win integrate all developments which are specific to the program. Starting with 2016 the now technology platform will be tested at CCIZ – Craiova.

Tho aircraft IAR-99 TD, fall into the category ol 4.5 generation military aircraft trainers constitutes a development by modifying IAR-99 no 7003. The old version of IAR 99 is intended to replace the Aero L-29 Delfin and L-39 Albatros as trainer from the Romanian Air Force inventory. The aircraft is of semi-monocoque design, with tapered wings and a swept back tail unit. A large blade-type antenna installed beneath the nose on the port side of the fuselage gives the IAR 99 trainer a distinctive appearance.


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