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In Russia Showcase a New TREKOL 39274 Cross-Country Vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The TREKOL 39274 is an ATV on pneumatic low pressure propelling devices designed for year-round cargo and passenger transportation in different driving conditions on roads of I – V categories and off-road, mostly on dirt roads, on cohesive soils including virgin snow, sand, thawing tundra soil and bogs, capable to overcome the small water obstacles afloat.

The chassis blocks are unified with the UAZ vehicles. The ATV’s construction is front-motored. There are two side, one rear door and two emergency vent hatches in the roof.

Optionally an ATV may be equipped with restarting preheater, electric winch, independent saloon heater, centralized tire inflation system, transom for outboard motor installation, brackets for the transportation of four additional 20 liters cans, side glazing with sliding vents, removable table installed in the passenger compartment and soft-side seats, which can be transformed into four comfortable beds.

The TREKOL 39274 already adopted by the Russian  Ministry of the Interior and the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, TREKOL-39274 also buy the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

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