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In Syria spotted new Russian RB-341V «Leer-3» electronic warfare system

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

In Syria spotted new Russian RB-341V «Leer-3»  electronic warfare system equipped with unmanned air vehicle (UAV) Orlan-10, reported

The RB-341V «Leer-3» complex is intended for the “monitoring of GSM communication networks, the determination of system identifiers of mobile stations and their locations, and the transmission of obtained data”. The drone carries an EW (electronic warfare) payload.

The RB-341V «Leer-3» is an  electronic warfare (EW) was developed by the St. Petersburg LLC “Special Technology Center.” belongs to the group KRET in 2014. The unmanned aircraft is designed to locate electromagnetic emission sources and suppress wireless communications, including cellphones, within a 3.7-mile (+6 kilometers) radius. The Russian Armed Forces will take delivery of the first Leer-3 systems by the end of 2015.

The complex RB-341 is present in up to two drones Orlan-10. The Orlan-10 drone is classified as an SR (Short Range – up to 300 km) drone. Its advantages over similar drones are its flight duration and distance of operation. In addition, it does not require a runway to take off or land, as it takes off with the help of a catapult and uses a pneumatic inflatable buffer when landing.

Russian RB-341V «Leer-3» electronic warfare system (c)
Russian RB-341V «Leer-3» electronic warfare system (c)

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