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In Ukraine developed new PZM-3 armored trencher machine

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

«Kryukov Railway Car Building Works» PJSC and «AutoKrAZ» PJSC developed and produced a new PZM-3 armored trencher machine   mounted on wheel KrAZ-5233HE truck chassis for the  Armed Forces of Ukraine and  foreign customers. That reported by

The PZM-3 (also named KVSZ-4003) trench digging vehicle is designed for digging trenches, ditches, pits on different soils, covering up ditches and pits, as well as clearing, leveling, moving earth on different sites. The vehicle can be operated remotely via a remote control system. It works in extreme weather, climate and road conditions all over the temperature range from – 40 oC to + 40 oC.

Digging machine PZM-3 is intended for digging of foundation ditches and tranches. The bulldozer equipment can be used for backfilling of tranches and to dig in holes, and also for clearing roads winter time. The elevating mechanism of machines is used for independently pulling-out. Also it used for maintenance of necessary traction effort of digger in ditches and tranches in frozen and marshiness grounds.

Machine PZM-3 can be used by manufacture of meliorative works, a lining of cable electric networks and communication lines, and also at construction of objects of local value.

The vehicle configuration can be customized upon customer request.


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