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Japan Ground Self-Defense Force acquires more Type-11 air defence systems

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force will acquire more Type-11 short-range surface-to-air missile systems, said the source from the government of Japan.

Type 11 is a modern Japanese short-range surface-to-air missile systems currently in service with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. The air defense systems were developed by Toshiba as a further improvement of the Type 81 Surface-to-Air Missile.

The launcher of short-range surface-to-air missile systems based on the chassis of the  4×4 Toyota Mega Cruiser vehicle.


  • Full length of missile – 2.93 m
  • Diameter of missile – 0.16 m
  • Weight of missile 103 kg (approximately)

Some source reported that the Type 11 short-range surface-to-air missile systems have a maximum range of 12 (18) kilometers. The upgraded missile use a phased array active radar seeker, with the capability of receiving mid-course guidance updates from the Fire Control Systems vehicle.

A fire unit consists of one Fire Control System vehicle and two launcher vehicles as well as a number of support vehicles.

support vehicle
launcher vehicle
Fire Control Systems vehicle

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