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JPA Armouring Group has designed armoured ambulance vehicle based on the Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ78

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The JPA Armouring Group has designed and launched a fully-armoured, fully-equipped ambulance vehicle, based on the Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ78.  It boasts a 4.2L diesel engine and four-wheel drive.

The ambulance provides the protection and equipment necessary when administering aid in danger zones.  It severely decreases the danger faced by medical specialists, who risk their lives to treat those wounded in conflict.

The ambulance was designed with the assistance of paramedics and built to European ambulance standards.  The first aid equipment is fully customizable and includes a multifunctional stretcher, portable spine-board, portable oxygen supply, defibrillator, and many others.

The thoughtfully designed ambulance accommodates all necessary medical equipment, while providing fully armoured protection and enough space for medical specialists to treat casualties.  The run-flat system and upgraded suspension ensure reliable maneuverability on- and off-road.  For rescue missions, budget equipment and lack of utilities will inevitably cause complications.


The JPA Group is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at DVD 2016, 7-8 September at Millbrook, UK.   DVD is a recognized defense exhibition, bringing together a wide spectrum of international companies, providing land equipment and support.  Representatives from government, humanitarian, and business sectors gather to share their perspectives and to foster further innovation.  The JPA Group is proud to present our armoured SUVs as reliable support for challenges in dangerous areas.

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