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Kuwait Army deployed a M-84 main battle tanks in Saudi Arabia for North Thunder exercise

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Kuwaiti Army deployed a M-84 main battle tanks in  Saudi Arabia for North Thunder military exercise.

The M-84 main battle tank is based on the Soviet T-72 but with several modifications, including a domestic fire-control system, improved composite armor, and a 1000-hp engine. The M-84 entered service with the Yugoslav People’s Army in 1984. The improved M-84A version entered service a few years later.

The M-84A is armed with a 125 mm smooth bore cannon. The gas cylinder positioned in the middle of the barrel is shielded with a thermal coating that minimizes deformation of the barrel from high temperatures and ensures it is cooled at the same rate during rapid firing. The M-84 uses an automatic loader, which enables it to sustain a firing rate of 8 rounds per minute.

Kuwaiti Army is equipped with 149 M-84AB MBTs in M-84AB, M-84ABK and M-84ABN versions bought prior to Operation Desert Storm from Yugoslavia.

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