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Lebanese Army set to receive 20 refurbished VBC-90 Armored vehicles

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

After receiving 15 units of the GIAT Caesar 155mm Self-propelled artillery system last month, the Lebanese army is set to receive 20 refurbished ex-French Army VBC-90 Armored vehicles sometime before October. The vehicles, purchased with part of the $3 Billion USD military aid from Saudi Arabia, will reduce the workload of the elderly M113 armored vehicles in the Lebanese Army.

The VBC 90 is a 6×6 armoured vehicle manufactured by the French Company Renault based on the VAB 4×4 armoured personnel carrier. The VBC 90 has been used by the French Gendarmerie since 1983 and now it is no longer in service.

The VBC 90 is armed with a long-barrelled Giat Industries 90 mm F1 gun with a 35º oblique wedge breech block, a hydropneumatic recoil system, a thermal sleeve and a muzzle brake. There are 20 rounds of ready to use 90 mm ammunition carried, four in the turret basket and 16 in the turret bustle.

Mounted coaxially to the left of the main armament is a 7.62 mm machine gun and there are two electrically operated 80 mm smoke grenade dischargers mounted either side of the turret towards the rear.

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