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Lithuania received Boxer driving training vehicles

Posted by Colton Jones on

The first two Boxer driving training vehicles purchased by Lithuania’s Armed Forces were delivered to Lithuania in early hours of Friday, Lithuania’s Defense Ministry said.

The two vehicles are intended for training and do not feature the turret, unlike the majority of the 88 vehicles purchased last year. The Boxer driving school vehicle consists of a standard driving module and the driving school mission module.

“We can confirm that two training versions of the infantry fighting vehicles have been delivered to Lithuania,” Captain Marius Varna of the Defense Ministry told BNS.

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Weight and handling characteristics of the vehicle correspond to the personnel carrier version. The driver operates the vehicle in the driver’s seat, while up to two instructors sit in an elevated position in a special driving instructors cab. Two other crew members can be seated in the rear of the vehicle. The air-conditioned driving instructors cab is equipped with an active occupant protection system which also protects the occupants in the event of a rollover.

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The next batch of Boxers of the 88 vehicles purchased last year should reach Lithuania in 2019, with all of the vehicles to be delivered by 2021.

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