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Meteor Aerospace unveils new armed unmanned ground surveillance vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Israel’s Meteor Aerospace Ltd. unveiled a new armed unmanned ground surveillance vehicle at the AUS&R Unmanned Systems 2017 Air Show held by iHLS.

The new armed unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is called RAMBOW. According to the company, the newest UGV can operate in a variety of defense and homeland security missions, sustaining Israel’s position on the cutting edge of autonomous ground vehicles used for defense and intel acquisition.

“The RAMBOW is powered by a unique electrical drive system, integrating innovative power and autonomous driving technologies,” the company said.

The unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) has a rear bay that can carry up to 700 kg. and a forward mount that can carry a remote-controlled weapon station with a heavy machine gun, or other mission equipment.

It can carry a total payload of 1 ton and provides the operator with live video of its surroundings, using onboard cameras and a long-range electro-optical payload mounted on a telescopic mast, which can be raised to 3.5-meters high.

The UGV uses a 6×6 electrical drive via special in-wheel motors, with each wheel independently hydraulically suspended, and separately controlled by a drive by wire system. The independence of each wheel enables the vehicle to make on-the-spot turn maneuvers, negotiate a 60% forward slope and a 40% side slope, cross a 60cm ditch and overcomes obstacles as high as 40cm.

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