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Mezcal Armor’s Tygra LAPV successfully completes trial testing

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Mezcal Armor successfully conducted the trial and range test of its new Tygra LAPV light armored personnel carrier with B6 armoring protection level. 

According to company’s officials, Tygra LAPV B6 4.5 Diesel Manual has undergone an extreme off-road drive test in sub-Saharan Africa. The vehicle has been tested at a 1100km range on full fuel capacity and has successfully passed all initial requirements exceeded by the harshest terrain in Africa.

The vehicle successfully survived numerous obstacles and handled extremely well and maintain its stability and performance throughout the trial test.

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The Tygra vehicle is designed for cross-country patrol, Border security, and personnel movement situations. Tygra provides protection against military grade threats while offering comfort for its occupants. The vehicle based on the Toyota Land Cruiser chassis.

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The floor system provides protection against small IEDs and hand-grenades. The V-Hull design mitigates against blasts and it can prevail even against military grade threats. Moreover, the floor offers protection against small anti-personnel mines too. All transparent areas have multi-layered polycarbonate coating and can withstand against weapons / ammunitions too.

Tygra keeps heavily dressed troops from overheating in high temperatures of deserts by using dual air-conditioners with the ceramic coating (developed by NASA) that acts as a lightweight thermal barrier.

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