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Mistral Atlas missile system carries out successful trial in Indonesia

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

MBDA  with Pt. Pindad successfully conducted a user trial of short range air defence weapon system Mistral Atlas in Indonesia . The missile was fired targeting a pilot-less target aircraft (PTA).

Mistral is an infrared homing surface-to-air missile manufactured by the European multinational company MBDA missile systems (formerly by Matra BAe Dynamics).

The missile was launched from the launching complex of the Integrated Test Range . The test was aimed at gauging the flight consistency and effectiveness of the missile besides ascertaining the serviceability of the system in various conditions.

The system is a twin launcher, which is vehicle mounted, but can be easily deployed on the ground or on top of a building for static missions. MISTRAL ATLAS is normally operated by a gunner and a crew commander. However, if the mission is carried out in a simple tactical environment, it can be operated by one single soldier.

It can be either operated autonomously, thanks to its latest generation thermal sight and its IFF or integrated to a fire control and co-ordination system such as the MCP (MISTRAL CO-ORDINATION POST) or I-MCP (Improved Missile Control Post).

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