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Mysterious plane spotted on Arizona State Route 77

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

In Arizona was spotted transportation of mysterious plane or drone to top secret Area 51.

Charlene Yazzie snapped it when she could not believe her eyes after spotting the bizarre wide load being driven in the opposite direction on Arizona State Route 77, near Holbrook in Arizona, escorted by black Department of Public Safety (DPS) vehicles.

The fact is  co-transport occurs in the same manner as for secret A-12 plenes to Area 51 in 1962.

The first convoy departed Burbank on 26 February 1962 and arrived three days later. The second convoy carrying Article 122 departed for Area 51 on 26 June 1962, followed by Article 123 in August 1962. The two-seat Article 124 got to the Area in November 1962. The rest of the A-12s and the three YF-12s arrived by mid 1964.

Transporting the A-12s to Area 51 :

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