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Netherlands plans to buy additional F-35 fighter jets

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Dutch government has released some details of the national plan on the NATO Defence Investment Pledge.

According to report of the Scramble Magazine, Dutch government approved to set aside more money for the defense ministry in line with Nato agreements and that means buying additional F-35A Lightning II fighter jets for the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

The detailed plan to boost spending on the armed forces will be unveiled when the government publishes its spring statement next year.

Dutch Defense minister Ank Bijleveld said in an official statement that the plan shows that the cabinet takes the current threats seriously. ‘The cabinet is committed to investing in defense,’ she said. ‘The Netherlands must take steps to remain a trustworthy ally.’

The minister also told that it is still unclear how much extra money will be allocated to defense.

The Netherlands is currently committed to buying 37 of the fighter jets.

It is not reported yet how many additional F-35s will be bought, but Scramble Facebook News reported earlier, the Royal Netherlands Air Force wants to have at least 67 stealth fighters. Those 67 aircraft are enough to equip four squadrons and seven aircraft in the States for training.

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