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New Kornet-D Russian Anti-Tank Guided Missile System

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Kornet-D is a new Anti-Tank Guided Missile platform based on the GAZ-2975, reported Kornet-D are on the verge of taking part in the Victory Day Parade on Red Square, May 9 this year. It employs Kornet-EM missiles in both tandem-HEAT or thermobaric variants.

It is capable of launching a salvo of two missiles less than a second apart, either at a single target or at two different targets simultaneously. The two-missile salvo is intended to either defeat active protection systems or to ensure a single tank’s destruction in the absence of an active protection system.

Kornet-D is capable of a pseudo-fire-and-forget function, in that the fire control system of the missile launchers automatically tracks and guides each missile to their assigned targets without an operator’s aid. The operator may switch targets or override missile guidance during the missile’s flight.


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