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New Russian Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle Demonstrated for Vladimir Putin

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

New russian unmanned ground combat vehicle demonstrated for Vladimir Putin, when him took part in an expanded meeting of the Defence Ministry Board in Moscow. The unmanned ground vehicle is the land-based counterpart to unmanned aerial vehicles and remotely operated. In Russia unmanned robotics are being actively developed military use to perform a variety of dull, dirty, and dangerous activities.

The new vehicles is currently being evaluated by the Russia Army. Russian unmanned ground combat vehicle is capable of being used off-road meaning that it go through any type of terrain such as rocks or water. The vehicle is used in military tests that allows Soldiers to figure out the major roles of the tank in order to use it in a more advanced military force. Because of its autonomous and semi-autonomous (being able to control itself and be controlled by someone else) components this helps operators plan an efficient plan of attack as well as avoiding obstacles while finding its way from point A to point B.

All information about the new Russian robots is secret. Russian unmanned ground combat vehicle to take part in May 9 2015 military parade in Moscow.



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