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New technology featuring UIMC products will debut on Red Square

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

New armored vehicles scheduled to debut on May 9 on Red Square will be equipped with advanced software and hardware systems from United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation.

The upgraded communication, navigation, and control equipment allows crews of IFV and APC Kurganets-25, APC Boomerang, and Typhoon armored vehicles to observe an entire tactical situation in real time and interact with control points through a single system of automated battle management.

Sergey Skokov, Deputy CEO of UIMC, explained that the armored vehicles utilize a fundamentally new approach. Rather than creating separate means of communication, navigation and control, UIMC decided to form a single space for information. “The software and hardware system onboard a tank or armored personnel carrier constitutes part of the network structure, which integrates unmanned systems, reconnaissance, electronic warfare equipment, guidance systems, fire damage equipment, and more,” said Sergey Skokov.

The new software and hardware facilitates faster management of combat units and with a minimal crew can lead a team and report on their performance. An integrated Geographic Information System in PTK depicts the situation on the battlefield in real time. Modern methods of data visualization can significantly simplify decision making during combat conditions. Target coordinates are transmitted to weapons in less than a minute from the moment the enemy is detected.

“Integrating a variety of computing, information, and communications resources into a single information environment is the foundation for a fundamentally new concept of warfare, known as network-centric warfare. Success in an armed struggle is not achieved due to advantages in numbers and firepower, but a result of excellence in information and the deployment of military units, which are dispatched at a considerable distance, removed from command posts, yet united within a sustainable information and communications network,” explained Vasily Borisov, Scientific Director of Concern Sozvezdie.

As previously reported, a unified software and hardware system developed by Sozvezdie will be installed in the future Armata tank, whose first demonstration will also take place on May 9, 2015, on Red Square in Moscow.

The Victory Day parade will also include many other kinds of military equipment, outfitted with communication and control equipment produced by UIMC enterprises, such as anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes Pantsir S-1, the Buk-M2 missile system, and S-400 anti-aircraft missile launchers.

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