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New weapons will fire bullets capable to obliterate enemy combat vehicles

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Stiletto Systems Ltd. released footage of new shooting tests of new BS-12 armour piercing incendiary bullets on social media.

According to the Stiletto’s report for shooting tests performed on December 19, the ballistic trials were carried out to ascertain the cappable of next generation of ammunition with an added explosive effect to obliterate enemy combat vehicles.

Cartridges with BS-12 armour piercing incendiary bullets demonstrated capable of ripping through any armour and set engines and fuel tanks on fire.

The main element of a new bullet is a special penetrator. It has a large amount of kinetic energy and will penetrate any existing or known armour. But new bullet also included of a special high-explosive incendiary module. The initial collision ignites the incendiary material in the tip, triggering the detonation of the high-explosive charge. The second incendiary charge will also ignite. This burns at a very high temperature and is not easily extinguished.

The new guns with Stilleto bullets will offer major improvements in capabilities compared with the decades-old Soviet and US-made weapons.

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