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NIMR offers it’s highly mobile protected vehicles to Baltic forces

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

UAE-based armoured vehicle manufacturer NIMR Automotive has demonstrated its Ajban 440A highly mobile protected vehicle in Lithuania fitted with a Kongsberg Protector RWS and Metravib PILAR acoustic gunshot detector.

The NIMR Automotive has demonstrate the 440A’s capabilities equipped with the Kongsberg Protector 12.7mm RWS (Remotely Weapon Station) and Metravib PILAR acoustic gunshot detection & localization system to Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian military officials. The company in partnership with the Czech Republic’s VOP plans to promote its new armored vehicles in the Baltic region and to receive series of new contracts.

The AJBAN 440A highly mobile 4×4 protected vehicle designed for the harshest environments.

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Due to the modular nature of the vehicle, it can be configured to suit a variety of operational roles and catering for various mission systems. This allows users to have a single fleet for a multitude of requirements whilst ensuring common logistic support and thereby lower the lifecycle cost.

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NIMR vehicles are designed to meet military standards, with their lifespan far exceeding that of militarised commercial vehicles, up-armoured vehicles or those based on commercial drivelines.

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