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Polish Air Force fighters forced a light aircraft from Russia to land in the South of Warsaw

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Two Polish F-16 multirole fighters forced to land by Russian light aircraft which crossed the border and headed to Krakow.

According to the newspaper «Polska the Times», two F-16 multirole fighters of the Polish air force intercepted a Russian light aircraft that crossed the border and flew in the direction of Krakow. The pilot was forced to reroute and land the plane on the airfield in the city of Radom, South of Warsaw.

According to the publication, the pilot was detained and his plane was put in the hangar.

Director flying club in Radom. Stanislav Schepanovski said the Russian pilot already released. “Well, what happened there, nothing serious. Everything turned out. The guy is already flying with us” – he said.

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