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Prototype of Piaggio P.1HH HammerHead UAV crash in Mediterranean sea

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Piaggio Aerospace P.1HH HammerHead is a new, state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) crash in Mediterranean sea.

The drone lost contact with the ground station during a test flight and crashed into the sea during the late morning of 31 May 2016, 20 minutes into the flight. The prototype Piaggio Aerospace P.1HH HammerHead  Unmanned Aerial System was operating from Vincenzo Florio Airport, Trapani, Sicily.

The P.1HH HammerHead is a full-sized, medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aircraft system (UAS) developed by Piaggio Aero Industries. The HammerHead UAS was derived from the P.180 Avanti II commercial aircraft.

The P.1HH HammerHead is designed to comply with STANAG USAR 4671 standards. The UAS integrates a large fuselage housing several combinations of payloads.

The aircraft is designed with three lifting surfaces configuration (3 LSC) and high aspect ratio laminar wings, along with increased wing span, to make it more flexible and carry greater weight.

The UAS has a span of 15.6m, length of 14.4m and overall height of 3.98m. The maximum take-off weight of the UAS is 6,146kg.

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