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Quantec AWD launches the new 6×6 HC conversion in 2017

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Quantec AWD, the Devon UK based all terrain vehicle specialist, launches the Land Rover Defender 6×6 HC conversion.

The Defender HC Tandem 6×6 Walking Beam (TWB) suspension upgrade consists of a tandem axle that can be quickly installed on to a donor chassis, converting the rear axle into a powered tandem axle walking beam suspension. This conversion vastly improves the overall on and off road performance of the standard 110 and 130 defender vehicle providing increased payload capacity by as much as 3000 kgs, combining increased dynamics stability and overall braking performance.

Philip Caple of Quantec told the Editor “This conversion had undergone considerable trials before we adopted it as part of our product portfolio. The conversion has particular attractions for military users as it enables them to upgrade their existing defender fleets to accommodate larger weapons systems and pallets of ammunition. The HC conversion also offers considerable torque and cross country advantages making it an ideal vehicle for towing light guns and other systems.”

Main Features

  • Improved mobility, particularly over rocks and other rough terrain by reducing the vehicle wheel base
  • Dramatic improvement in slope climbing ability
  • Improved vehicle angle of departure
  • Increased payload capacity up to 3000 kgs
  • Improved vehicle stability and braking ability
  • Increase of existing vehicle end of life program
  • Cost effective without compromise

When crossing any obstacles in high speed driving, the movement falls mainly on the walking beam, and the body of the vehicle absorbs only half of the movement. That definitely improves the quality of the ride. When the rear of the vehicle becomes airborne, the rear spring and shock absorber push down the rear wheel and the landing is first on the rear wheel, then on the middle one. Finally, the trailing arm is pushed up, supported by both shock absorbers, making the landing quite soft, thus providing class leading ride quality.

It should be noted that the fitting of the walking beam axle does not alter the vehicle’s standard turning circle.


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