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Rheinmetall Presented Marder Evolution Concept at IndoDefence 2014

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Rheinmetall has used the opportunity of IndoDefence 2014 to exhibit its Marder Evolution concept for the first time in Asia. The Marder Evolution has been independently developed by the company to offer to potential export customers.

The company has acquired a large stock of Marder 1 IFVs from the German Army as it downsizes and now hopes to offer these to the export market. More than 2,000 Marder 1s were delivered to the German armed forces.

According to the company, with the evolution concept it is offering numerous possibilities for enhancing the vehicle’s survivability, firepower and reconnaissance capabilities. At Eurosatory in 2012 the company unveiled Evolution vehicles including a Marder APC with an M151 Protector remotely controlled weapon station and the Marder medium tank with a rifled, stabilised 105 mm Oto-Melara gun in a new turret.

Other enhancements to the basic vehicle include an upgraded MTU diesel power pack, upgraded torsion bar suspension, air conditioning and enhanced ballistic and mine protection.

Indonesia is already a customer for the Marder having bought 42 of the vehicles as part of a larger deal that also saw the Indonesian Army acquire the Leopard 2A4 main battle tank. The first two Marders were delivered in September 2013. A further 28 Marder IFVs reached Indonesia at the beginning of September this year.

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