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Royal Thai Army Buys 120mm Automatic Mortar Launcher

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Royal Thai Army has made progress on some military equipment procurement, reported

Weapon Production Center Defence Industry and Energy Center announced the purchase of equipment, installation and technology transfer for project development of wheeled mounted 120 mm automatic mortar launcher amount 570.22 million baht from the Israeli company Elbit Systems Land and C4I.

Elbit Systems have Soltam SPEAR system is a 120mm automatic mortar launcher mounted on 4×4 truck. Understand that this project development wheeled mounted 120 mm automatic mortar laucher system with Elbit Systems is with the system above, it seems to be a system that is mounted on 4×4 truck with the payload 1/4 tonnes or such as US 1 1/4 tonnes HMMWV.

In the case of fire support, Infantry Regiment troop was likely to use 120mm. In the RTA, the armored vehicles fitted with a 81mm mortar launcher is BTR-3M1 and armored vehicles with a 120mm is BTR-3M2.

BTR-3M1 - 81mm mortar launcher
BTR-3M1 – 81mm mortar launcher

Guards Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Guards likely to be the first regular army supplied with wheeled armored vehicle fitted with mortar launcher.

But it is not certain that the 120 mm automatic mortar laucher with technology transfer from Elbit Systems will be provided to any unit.

However, it can be seen that in the past Elbit Systems has collaborated with many such projects including truck mounted self propelled howitzer ATGM 155mm being conducted.


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