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Russia «Infauna» electronic warfare vehicle will present for the first time at KADEX 2016

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation for the first time introduce for foreign customers the new «Infauna»  electronic warfare vehicle at the international exhibition KADEX-2016.

Multifunctional complex RB-531 BE («Infauna») is a  Russian-made electronic warfare vehicle using a modified chassis of the BTR-80 wheeled armoured personnel carrier named K1Sh1 (GAZ-59039).

The «Infauna»  developed in 2009 by concern «Sozvezdie».  At present the Concern consists of 20 enterprises specializing in electronics, each of which has its own line. The head enterprise of the Concern is Voronezh Research Institute of Telecommunications founded in 1958.

The Infauna electronic warfare communication complex vehicle is based on a modified chassis of the wheeled armoured vehicle personnel carrier BTR-80 named K1SH1 (version UNSh-12). The turret of the standard BTR-80 is removed to be replaced by a big antenna which is used for jamming.

The middle part of the hull is larger and higher than the standard BTR-80 to accommodate equipment and military personnel. The front of the hull has four hatches, and single door is mounted to each side center of the hull. The hull provides a protection against small arms firing and shell splinters. The standard equipment of Infauna includes NBC protection system and night vision.

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