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Russia showcases all-terrain tracked carrier at military exhibition in Bahrain

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Russian Zavolzhsky Crawler Vehicle Plant has unveiled the GAZ-3344-20 all-terrain tracked carrier at the  BIDEC-2017 – the first Bahrain International Defense Exhibition & Conference – in Manama.

The GAZ-3344-20 is an amphibious all-terrain vehicle is designed for transportation of personnel, cargo and various technological equipment in extremely severe climatic conditions away from public-access roads on rough terrain, mainly in the Far North, Siberia and Far East.

The GAZ-3344-20 have a diesel engine, automatic Allison gearbox and steering. It is designed for operation and outdoor storage at ambient temperatures from -50С to + 40С. The vehicle is capable of moving through water obstacles, motion afloat is performed by means of crawler drive. The vehicle is equipped with metal-rubber mounting tracks for traveling on asphalt.

The all-metal body of the front module with thermal and noise insulation, parking heater Webasto, meant for 5 people, including the driver. The different options of the second module may be custom-made: the all-metal passenger module with thermal and noise insulation and parking heater Webasto.

Military version of the GAZ-3344 has protected fuel tanks and is fitted with NBC protection system for the passengers. Also, it has a capability to be fitted with remotely controlled weapon station.

Russian armed forces plan to procure this vehicle with 5 different rear mission modules, including a troop carrier, logistics vehicle, weapon carrier, ambulance and firefighting vehicle.

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