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Russia to develop new missile system on «Armata» tank chassis

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Russia started developing a new a highly versatile missile system on Armata tank chassis, that repoted

On the basis of the chassis will be available with a universal launcher of “surface-to-surface”  and “surface-to-air” missiles in special military transport containers.

The new missile system designed to engage single and group goals (including tanks, armored mechanical-engineering machines at frontline’s worksite, fortifications of various types, surface targets and low-speed flying vehicles) single or volley fire at ranges of up to 145 km.

The “Armata” Universal Combat Platform  is a Russian prototype of an advanced next generation heavy military tracked vehicle platform. The Armata platform is the basis of the T-14, the T-15, a combat engineering vehicle, an armoured recovery vehicle, a heavy armoured personnel carrier, a tank support combat vehicle and several types of self-propelled artillery, including the 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV under the same codename based on the same chassis. It is also intended to serve as the basis for artillery, air defense, and NBC defense systems.


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