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Russian Army to Build Mobile Nuclear Stations

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Russian Ministry of Defence  is interested in developing mobile nuclear stations. Draft’ll be shown by end of 2015 and first station built  in 2020, reported

“Defense Minister gave instructions to prepare a pilot model of autonomous power station is in the interests of the Defence Ministry. The project has already started and is in the process of research (R & D), “- said Konyushko.

The new mobile nuclear station may be consisted of heavy trailers, one of which contained a  reactor, another the gas turbine, one which contained a miniaturized control room, and one to house the plant’s sizable staff.

The first mobile nuclear generator built on the USSR was the TES-3, completed in 1961. This treaded monster was designed to rumble around the countryside on 4 modified T-10 tank chassis, conveying a 2MWe nuclear plant wherever it might be needed.

The "Pamir" Mobile Nuclear Power Plant
The “Pamir” Mobile Nuclear Power Plant

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