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Russian company developed Triton all-terrain flying amphibious vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

NPO Aviation and Space Technologies from Pyatigorsk has developed all-terrain flying amphibious vehicle for the military and emergency service personnel.

The new all-terrain flying amphibious vehicle called Triton was showcased at the International Aviation and Space Show MAKS-2017.

According to the company, the Triton is a two-seat all-terrain amphibious vehicle that can reach a speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour on land. The vehicle can navigate virtually all types of terrain and glide across all manners of watery obstacles, and it also deploy a flex-wing to conduct short range flights of up to 400 kilometers, with a maximum altitude of up to 4,200 meters.

The vehicle is equipped with several engines: a 120 hp diesel engine which is used to propel the vehicle in flight and while navigating bodies of water, and two 12 kW electric engines for driving on solid ground.

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