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Russian improved T-72B3 tanks spotted in military convoy near Ukrainian border

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Russia has reportedly moved military vehicles and tanks towards the Ukrainian border.

Russian soldiers have been spotted traveling in an armored convoy near the border with Ukraine.  The improved T-72B3 tanks with new explosive reactive armour (ERA) will be loaded on specialized trailers.

The T-72B3 is the latest version of the 40 year-old T-72 main battle tanks. Russian state media said the modernization of the T-72B3 includes “upgrade and replacement of the main combat, power, and cruising components of the tank and installation of additional reactive armor.”

In addition the “upgraded tank loader provides for fire from the 125 mm smoothbore gun 2A46M-5 with new extended armor-piercing sub-caliber projectiles. The tank has a multichannel Sosna-U sight, which includes a target tracker and an imaging infrared channel, as well as modern digital communication systems.”

The Russian military convoy was spotted in Rostov Oblast about 30-50km from Ukraine border.

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