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Russian «Ivan Gren» amphibious assault ship commences sea trials

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Kaliningrad-based Yantar Shipyard (United Shipbuilding Corporation) says it has commenced sea trials of large landing ship «Ivan Gren», the lead ship of Project 11711 built for Russia’s Navy.

“The large amphibious assault ship Ivan Gren went to the Baltic Sea for the first time at 10:30 local time [11:30 Moscow time]. The ship will pass at sea several days,” shipyard spokesman Sergei Mikhailov told TASS.

According to the spokesman, “the ship’s propulsion engines and radar, as well as its running characteristics will be tested”.

Ivan Gren has a water displacement of 6,000 tons, its length is 120 meters and its beam is 16.5 meters. It can carry up to 300 marines, 36 armored transport vehicles or 13 tanks. It is fitted with two Ka-29 naval combat and transport helicopters, and a 30mm automatic cannon.

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