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Russian Security Service FSB Tu-214VPU spotted at Zhukovskiy

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Russian Security Service FSB Tu-214VPU [RA-64523] spotted at Zhukovskiy

According to a source close to the aircraft industry, this acronym stands for airborne command post. The cost of this vehicle turned out to be a bit surprising – 2,7 billion rubles. To put this in perspective: the cost of a pair of other command posts (Tu-214PU jets) intended for Department of Presidential Affairs was 3,3 billion rubles (1.65 billion per jet).

According to Mr. Kayumov (at present he is the Counselor to the President of United Aircraft Corporation), the completion of Tu-214VPU’s assembly is the primary objective of KAPO. It must be noted that the information related to a tender for certification of Tu-214VPU was posted at the website dedicated to state orders on September 6th 2013. The procedure must be completed by December 31st 2013. The cost of certification is 115 thousand rubles.

Moreover, a number of contracts with KAPO have been approved by the latest meeting of the Board of Directors of Tupolev Company. In particular a number of agreements related to repair, upgrade and maintenance of Tu-22M3 aircraft have been approved. Four contracts related to maintenance and supply of spare parts for Tu-160 have also been approved at the meeting.



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