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Serbia unveils improved M-84AS1 combat tank

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Serbian Ministry of Defence unveiled an improved version M-84АS1 modern combat tank. Ministry of Defence has released details of a new version of the M-84АS1 tank

The Ministry of Defence has released details of a new version of the M-84АS1 tank. The update main battle tank represents the last – the actual variant of modern combat tank which development is based on the modification and modernization of the basic version M-84 i.e. M-84 AB.

The upgrade has improved a main tank performance parameters: firepower, protection, and maneuverability, as well as has improved tank combat readiness and reliability and gave new features and performances regarding the possibility for MBT integration into modern network-centric battlefield.

  • Integrated day-night sighting device DNNS 2ATK with a thermal imager or alternatively, digital FCS
  • Command-information system KIS M84
  • Tank commander’s TOMS – universal multi-sensor optoelectronic platform
  • Active optoelectronic protection system – SOFTKILL, based on integration of laser detection device, radar detection device and smoke pot launcher with efficient smoke pots in the visible spectrum, IR, thermal and millimeter radar spectra
  • Universal dynamic protection (explosive-reactive armor, II generation) providing far better protection against heat and subcaliber projectiles
  • Device protecting the engine from irregular start-up
  • Radiological and chemical protection equipment
  • Explosive fire protection
  • THALES radio, new generation
  • Remote control weapon station with 12.7 mm machinegun

The new version of the M-84АS1 tank was developed by J.P. Jugoimport-SDPR is a Serbian state-owned company with a decades-long tradition in the trade of armaments, defence equipment and transfer of technology.

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