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Singapore Army’s fighting vehicles took part in joint exercise with Indian T-90s

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Bionix tracked armoured fighting vehicles of the Singapore Armed Forces participated in the joint exercise with Indian Army’s T-90S third-generation battle tanks.

According to a statement released by the Singapore Armed Forces, from 2 to 13 April, Singapore Army’s Armour warriors traversed the rocky plains of the Babina Field Firing Range in Central India as part of Exercise Bold Kurukshetra, a bilateral armour exercise with the Indian T-90S Bhishma tanks and BMP-2 Sarath infantry fighting vehicles.

The 12th edition of the exercise included joint training exercises between both Armies and culminated in an integrated live-firing exercise by armoured vehicles, featuring Singapour Army’s infantry fighting vehicles and the Indian combat vehicles, including T-90 S tanks.

According to Singaporean Army’s officials, the Exercise Bold Kurukshetra underscores the strong bilateral defense relationship between both countries and enhances the cooperation between the two Armies.

For reference, Bionix it is the first indigenous armoured fighting vehicle developed in Southeast Asia.  At one time, the newest Bionix family of tracked Singaporean fighting vehicles by ST Kinetics, became a revolutionary development and was not inferior to the advanced combat vehicles from the USA and Europe.

The Bionix has been operational with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) since 1999 in a wide variety of adaptations including the Bionix II, Bionix 25 and Bionix 40/50 variants.

Photo by 42 SAR and the Singapore Army
Photo by 42 SAR and the Singapore Army

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