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SM4 81mm self-propelled mortar carriers on military exercises on Tibet

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

China continues to improve its military capability on Tibet region.

Now People’s Liberation Army exercises mobilized Tibet Military combat brigades equipped with new SM4 81mm  self-propelled mortar carriers.

The SM4 81mm  self-propelled mortar carriers designed and manufactured by Chinese defence company NORINCO. It is developed to support current and future requirements of land forces. The weapon system provides high firepower capabilities and reliability during combat missions.

The mortar system can be rotated through 360° in traverse, 4° in elevation and 4° in deflection angles for precision aiming.

This is the type of self-propelled mortar fire quickly mounted on the chassis 4×4 light wheeled vehicle EQ2050. The SM4 81mm can fire at the rate 40 rounds per minute up to range of 6 km. Of course in the actual battlefield, the effect of SM4 81mm promoted anywhere depends on the ability of the crew to fight.

SM4 81mm self-propelled mortar carriers
SM4 81mm self-propelled mortar carriers

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