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Special Forces of Ukraine orders new «Varta» armored vehicles

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Special Forces of Ukraine orders 10 «Varta»  armored vehicles designed by  LLC “Ukrainian armored vehicles”.

The KORD (Ukrainian abbreviation for Corps for Urgent Operative Actions) new special force unit of the National Police of Ukraine has ordered 10 «Varta» 4×4  armored vehicle.

Standard armament of «Varta»   armored vehicle is a machine gun 7,61×39 mm or 12.7 mm. However, a roof load can be determined and heavier weapons, including anti-tank. Combat module with remotely controlled from the cab. One vehicle is able to carry 10 people.

The load-carrying ability of the roof allows putting heavier weapons on top, like an anti-tank guided missile.

The vehicle’s interior is equipped with anti-mine chairs, which helps to increase viability of personnel.

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