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Stiletto Systems, Canadian Magnum plans to build new ammunition facility in Ukraine

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Ukrainian-British Stiletto Systems Ltd. jointly with Canadian-based Magnum announced plans jointly to build a new facility in Ukraine, which will produce a new type of ammunition for Ukrainian Defence Forces and export customers.

“Stiletto Systems Ltd. in alliance with Magnum and its division Waterbury Farrel are interested in participating in a possible tender of the ministry and are ready to offer a wide range of infantry and artillery ammunition, taking into account the request of the Defense Ministry and the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” told by Interfax-Ukraine the head of Stiletto Ukraine Roman Karpenko.

Head of Stiletto Ukraine Roman Karpenko told Interfax-Ukraine the British-Canadian alliance has practical experience in designing and building modern ammunition production facilities in a number of countries and is ready to provide the construction of a new ammunition plant in Ukraine.

Earlier, Stiletto Systems Ltd. has revealed details of the new BS-13 bullet, its upgrade of ammunition for sniper and assault rifles.  The new series of ammunition by Stiletto Systems is designed to support tactical level operations on the battlefield. The new ammunition is provided to penetrate all current body armor and light armored vehicles include infantry fighting vehicles.

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