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Streit Group shows its new 4×4 armoured vehicle Gepard ASV at DSEI

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Streit Group debuted its new Gepard armoured vehicle designed primarily for the use by Police, SWAT, Special Response Teams and law enforcement agencies at the DSEI defence exhibition in London.

The Gepard is a 4×4 Armoured Security Vehicle (ASV) based on heavy duty Ford F-550 chassis the lightweight design offers an enhanced off-road capability and handling. The 6.7L V8 Turbo diesel engine makes Gepard equally suited to urban and off-road deployment.

STREIT Group offers a wide range of extra additional features which can be integrated on the vehicle during manufacturing phase-guaranteeing total compatibility STREIT include: rocket launch systems, remote-controlled weapon stations, smoke-grenade launchers, night-vision high speed camera, fully integrated intercoms systems.

Gepard ASV offers protection on 360° against firing of small arms, hand grenades and fragmentation with its standard CEN B6 protection level.

Gepard Armoured Security Vehicle

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