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TECHIMPEX reveals details of its Soviet-era vehicle upgrade efforts

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Ukrainian private company TECHIMPEX Ltd displayed upgraded Soviet-era combat vehicles during the Arms and Security 2018 international specialized exhibition in Kyiv.

During the exhibition, the TECHIMPEX revealed details of its new projects for the modernization of Soviet-made armored combat vehicles.

The upgraded BRDM-2T amphibious scout car with “Yanhol” perforated add-on armoring kit, among the projects submitted. According to the company official, the “Yanhol” perforated add-on armoring kit is designed to absorb energy of threats and prevent perforation, the add-on armor enhances protection against ammunition 7.62×54 mm (type B32), 12.7×108 mm (type B32), and 14.5×114 mm.

The modular, lightweight “Yanhol” system can be quickly installed or removed according to the mission. Perforated add-on armor elements are highly resistant to multiple repeated hits and far exceed the stability of all known protective structures on the basis of oxide ceramics.

Also were displayed upgraded BMP-1 and MT-LBU vehicle with new remote weapon station “Spys”.

The main “Spys” armament: one automatic 30-mm ZTM-1 cannon, one 7.62mm co-axial machine gun and two launchers for the Ukrainian manufactured Barrier anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW).

BMP-1T with new remote weapon station “Spys”
MT-LBU with new remote weapon station “Spys”

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