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The Czech Company supply to Iraq first T-72 tanks

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Czech company Excalibur Army (part of the Excalibur Group) begin delivery of the Iraqi army refurbished T-72M1 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1 in the presence of the Czech army.

The first batch of T-72M1 tanks have arrived in Iraq.

The exact number of ordered Iraqi tanks and APCs are not reported, but the owner of the Excalibur Group Jaroslav Strnad said that prepared for dispatch technique is “the first part of the contract for more than 100 refurbished BMPs and tanks. This is a job for us for several years worth hundreds of millions of crowns. “This is the biggest export contract in the history of Excalibur Group since 1995. As previously reported , the company recently Excalibur Army also began the implementation of a contract for the delivery of a refurbished equipment (including acquired in Hungary written-off T-72A and former Czech BMP-1 and 122-mm MLRS RM-70) Nigeria.

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